May 25, 2024

Alain Torres Launches Exclusive Workshop to Transform Healing Practices into Thriving Businesses

Renowned healer and business mentor, Alain Torres, offers an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from his 16-year journey in a one-day online workshop.

Billings, MT – April 19, 2024 ( – Alain Torres, known as the Genesis Doctor in the healing and wellness community, has announced the special one-day Business Building Wokshop, scheduled for April 20th. This free online event is designed for healing practitioners looking to elevate their practices into profitable and sustainable businesses.

Over the years, Alain Torres has transformed his deep knowledge of human consciousness and energy healing into a thriving enterprise, reaching clients globally. “This workshop is my opportunity to give back to the healing community,” said Alain Torres. “I want to empower other healers with the knowledge and strategies that took me years to master. It’s about turning passion into a livelihood.

The workshop will cover essential topics such as creating high-ticket offerings, effective online marketing strategies for healers, and techniques for client retention and satisfaction. “We’re not just talking about making money,” Torres added, “we’re talking about making a meaningful impact while achieving financial freedom.

About Alain Torres
Alain Torres, widely known as the Genesis Doctor, mentors people in mastering how to tap into their own natural healing abilities, clear energetic blocks, and fully embrace their spiritual awakening. His deep dives into human consciousness and energy healing are backed by more than a decade of practical experience, profound meditation, and hands-on shamanic ceremonies.

For more information about the workshop and to register, visit the main website here.

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