April 16, 2024
Little Rock Singer/Songwriter Discovers Incredible Vocal Range on Singing Carrots Website

Nationwide – January 26, 2024 (USANews.com) – Jonathan Scott, a rising singer/songwriter from Little Rock, Arkansas, has recently made a groundbreaking discovery in his musical career. After years of singing and practicing, Scott’s journey begin when he  stumbled upon a vocal range website called Singing Carrots, where he discovered his incredible vocal range gift and talent for singing.

He also watched the YouTube video of Georgia Brown singing a G10 note and that’s when he discovered what a high G note was. So As he explored the site and practiced different exercises, he was amazed to find that he could hit a G9 note, something he never thought was possible. With his newfound vocal range, Scott has been able to showcase his talent and passion for music in a whole new way. He has an impressive 7.5 octave vocal range  and also he did a vocal range test on the vocal website called ToneGym of that he  found out his  vocal range on there  was from a F#4 to a G7 that consist of  37 semitones. Then from there  went on  to the  Singing Carrots website.

This year, he has been able to hit a G9 and G#9 notes, the highest notes on the piano, and has a vocal range that spans from F#4 at the lowest to a G#9 at the highest. That is The Second Highest Note Sung In Human History and the Highest for a male like him. That is the  Greatest Achievement for him. Scott also has an impressive above average  IQ of 117 as well. 

 Scott had always been passionate about music and he has been singing since he was a child growing up in the church and singing for the church choir.  As he also  used to sing in the school’s talent show in his earlier elementary school’s days . However, he never imagined that he had such a wide vocal range until he stumbled upon Singing Carrots. The website, which is designed to help singers improve their vocal range, allows users to input their vocal range and receive personalized exercises and tips to expand their range. Scott was amazed when he entered his range and found out that he could hit notes he never thought were possible for him.

Since discovering his incredible vocal range on Singing Carrots, Scott has been working tirelessly to improve his singing abilities. He has been using the website’s exercises and tips to push his vocal range even further and has already seen a significant improvement in his performances. Scott believes that he can expand that range and capable of going higher  and further, if he practices and perfect his singing  voice. Scott is excited to see where this newfound discovery will take his music career and is grateful to Singing Carrots for helping him unlock his full potential as a singer.

Scott’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring singers and musicians, showing that with hard work and the right tools, anything is possible. Singing Carrots has helped Scott and many other singers around the world to discover and improve their vocal range, and it continues to be a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their singing abilities. With this incredible discovery, Scott is ready to take the music world by storm and share his newfound vocal range. 

Not only does Scott have an impressive vocal range, but he is also an R&B artist with two songs “Get It On The Floor” and “You Babe Are Really Fine” that are  already released on streaming platforms. His soulful and smooth voice, combined with his impressive range, has captivated listeners and gained him a growing fan base. With his unique sound and undeniable talent, Scott is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry.

As Scott continues to hone his craft and explore his vocal abilities, he is excited to see where this discovery will take him in his musical journey. He hopes to inspire others to never give up on their dreams and to always keep pushing themselves to reach new heights. With his incredible vocal range and passion for music, Jonathan Scott is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. To listen to his music, visit his artist page on Spotify and  other streaming platforms.

For more information on Singing Carrots and how it can help you improve your vocal range, please visit their website at www.singingcarrots.com. Follow Jonathan Scott on social media to stay updated on his musical journey and upcoming performances.

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