May 29, 2024

AdFixus’ Insights on Optimizing First-Party Data for Digital Publishers

Sydney – November 15, 2023 ( – AdFixus presents a critical analysis of the recent Digiseg and AdExchanger study on first-party data in digital publishing, emphasizing the importance of addressing privacy and addressability challenges.

AdFixus Key Insights:

  1. eCPM Revenue Challenges: AdFixus highlights the significant revenue impact due to lower eCPMs from iOS/Safari and unconsented audiences, stressing the need for improved addressability strategies.
  2. Future Optimism in Addressability: Despite existing challenges like privacy laws, AdFixus points out publishers’ optimism about increasing addressable inventory, indicating faith in evolving technologies and advertising solutions.
  3. Exploring Cookie Alternatives with Caution: AdFixus notes publishers’ exploration of ID Solutions and Clean Rooms as cookie alternatives, while also underscoring their privacy concerns, reflecting the delicate balance between targeting efficacy and consumer privacy.

AdFixus’ analysis also draws attention to the rising demands for data privacy and the complexities it adds to digital publishing, including browser-based tracking prevention and privacy legislation.

About AdFixus: AdFixus offers insightful perspectives and solutions in digital advertising, helping publishers navigate the challenging landscape of privacy and addressability.

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