June 25, 2024

Agent CRM Announces Social Media Marketing AI-Powered Tools, Free of Charge!

New York NY, November 15, 2024 (USANews.com) – Agent CRM, a leading customer relationship management platform, is proud to announce the inclusion of AI-powered social media marketing tools in its suite of services, available to all users at no extra cost. With the introduction of the Social Planner tool, Agent CRM is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage and execute their social media marketing strategies.

In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential component of any successful marketing campaign. However, managing multiple social media platforms simultaneously can be a daunting task for businesses of all sizes. Recognizing this challenge, Agent CRM has developed the Social Planner tool to streamline and simplify the process.

The Social Planner tool allows users to schedule and manage all their social media content from a single, centralized dashboard. With just a few clicks, businesses can effortlessly upload and post content on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google My Business. This eliminates the need for manual posting and ensures consistent and timely content delivery across all channels.

What sets Agent CRM’s Social Planner tool apart is its integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Using the AI engine in Agent CRM to create content for posts, stories and even images is going to make it so much easier for their users to leverage all of the marketing avenues. Studies have shown that using AI-generated content increases engagement by up to 90%, proving that it can be a powerful tool for building and maintaining relationships with customers. AI-generated content also helps brands save time and money. With the ability to design custom images, create high-quality stories, and generate targeted posts quickly and easily, Agent CRM makes leveraging the power of AI for content creation simple and effective.

“We are thrilled to introduce our AI-powered Social Planner tool to our valued users,” said Alex Branning, President at Agent CRM. “We understand the challenges businesses face in managing their social media presence effectively. With our tool, businesses can now save time, increase efficiency, and achieve better results in their social media marketing efforts.”

Agent CRM’s commitment to providing exceptional value to its users is evident in its decision to offer the Social Planner tool at no extra cost. By eliminating additional charges, Agent CRM aims to democratize access to advanced social media marketing tools, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes.

To learn more about Agent CRM’s AI-powered Social Planner tool and its suite of services, visit www.agent-crm.com or email them at [email protected]

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