May 29, 2024

Ugly Coco’s Organic Music Video: A Visual Feast in Costa Rica!

La Fortuna, Costa Rica – November 13, 2023 ( – Ugly Coco, the renowned musical sensation, has just released his highly anticipated music video for his hit single “123.” Shot on an enchanting organic farm called “Paraiso Organico” nestled in the heart of Costa Rica near La Fortuna, the video promises to be a visual feast for fans worldwide.

The music video, directed by the talented Loka Vision, showcases the mesmerizing beauty of Costa Rica’s lush landscapes and vibrant culture. Ugly Coco’s unique blend of captivating flows and thought-provoking lyrics

The organic farm setting adds an extra layer of authenticity to the music video, aligning with Ugly Coco’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

“We wanted to create a music video that not only entertained our fans but also highlighted the importance of sustainable practices,” said Ugly Coco. “The organic farm provided the perfect backdrop for our message, and we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase its beauty. I also currently live there.

The music video for “123” takes viewers on a captivating journey through the farm’s picturesque landscapes, showcasing the vibrant flora and fauna that make Costa Rica a true paradise. From sweeping shots to intimate close-ups, the video captures the essence of Ugly Coco’s music and the organic farm’s natural beauty.

Fans can expect a visual spectacle filled with stunning cinematography, vibrant colors, and a captivating storyline that complements the song’s infectious energy. Ugly Coco’s music video for “123” is set to become a must-watch for music enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

To celebrate the release of the music video, Ugly Coco will be providing one fan a trip to the farm.

To watch the music video for “123,” visit the YouTube link at

About Ugly Coco:
Ugly Coco is a renowned rap artist known for his unique blend of captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. With a unique style that changes from song to song, you’ll always be surprised whenever he drops a project. For more information, check out his Instagram page at

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