April 14, 2024

Brandon Stephens Unveils A Personal Story About His Consulting Firm: People Decoded.

Deception expert and founder of People Decoded, Brandon Stephens, shares his expertise on micro-expressions and body language to help business owners enhance their operations and achieve unprecedented success..along with personal insight to make you think twice about the power of reading people.

Keene, New Hampshire, October 28, 2023 (USANews.com) – Brandon Stephens, a leading authority in the field of human behavior, is proud to announce the launch of his consulting firm, People Decoded. With a focus on mastering micro-expressions and body language, Stephens aims to empower business owners with the tools they need to excel in their respective industries.

Having transformed his lifelong passion for understanding human behavior into a thriving consulting firm, Stephens is dedicated to helping business owners harness the power of deception detection. By honing their skills in micro-expressions and body language, companies can experience a significant boost in sales, elevate customer service, and gain a competitive edge in negotiations.

Micro-expressions and body language are essential components of deception detection, a field that Stephens has mastered through his extensive training and multiple certifications within the same organizations that train government & military personnel. With an unwavering obsession for understanding what makes people tick, Stephens is becoming a trusted expert in the industry.

In a recent demonstration of his expertise, Stephens utilized his techniques to communicate with his dying grandmother, even when she was unable to respond verbally due to a high air flow oxygen mask tightened to her face.

The following is a statement pulled from Brandon’s Twitter / X account.

“Even though she couldn’t open her eyes fully or speak, the doctors assured us she was conscious and could understand everything we said. I knew in my heart that this could be my last conversation with her so I leaned over the bed and instinctively started reading her face as I asked questions, told stories, and made comments that only she would understand.

Nobody in the room knew what I was doing, they thought I was just being me. But this woman was like a mother to me and I wanted to make sure her last minutes on this planet were happy and not worrying about us. I would read the way her cheeks moved and the corners of her lips. I would read her eyebrows and her forehead. I sat there establishing a baseline of her behavior in that bed for a good 15 minutes and then another 15 figuring out what things meant when she deviated from her pattern. I discovered the way her hand twitched and tapped was an emotional response to things being said, not of her current state. I discovered that when she was laughing, her head would slightly turn for just a fraction of a section as her cheeks raised in one corner of her face that was exposed. I discovered what she was sad about, happy about, and could understand the fear she felt in those last hours while I tried to alleviate some of that worry.

Out of a room full of people, I talked to her last and got to say goodbye to her instead of talking at her. I will never forget the power of what I know and is my mission to help more people grasp this information.”

This is just the latest powerful example of Stephen’s work that highlights the immense value of mastering micro-expressions and body language, not only in business but also in personal relationships.

“People Decoded is not just about improving business operations profit; it’s about understanding and connecting with people on a deeper level,” said Stephens. “By decoding micro-expressions and body language, business owners can build stronger relationships with their customers, employees, and partners, ultimately leading to greater success.”

Through People Decoded, Stephens offers a range of services including 1 on 1 consulting, workshops, events, and programs designed to help people master different concepts within the field of human behavior. The company itself has recently acquired access to technology that can read underlying emotions from faces, voices & written words from nearly any media format.

Stephens’ expertise has already garnered attention from industry leaders, who have praised his ability to explain micro expressions & body language concepts so clearly and showcase his work in unique and tailored examples to individuals.
For more information about People Decoded and Brandon Stephens, please visit www.peopledecoded.com or contact Brandon at [email protected].

About People Decoded:
People Decoded is a consulting firm founded by Brandon Stephens, a rising deception expert with a passion for understanding human behavior. Through consulting, workshops, events & specialized programs, People Decoded equips individuals with the skills necessary to master micro-expressions and body language, ultimately leading to greater success in business & life.

Brandon Coty Stephens
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