May 25, 2024
RightTech Empowers Personal Trainers with Custom Training Apps, Maximizing Client Reach & Minimizing Time Constraints

Houston,TX, September 18, 2023 ( – RightTech, a leading technology solutions provider, is revolutionizing the personal training industry by offering personalized training apps to empower personal trainers. With these apps, trainers can now sell their skills, not their time, and expand their client reach while minimizing time constraints.

Traditionally, personal trainers have been limited by the number of clients they can handle each week due to time constraints. However, with the introduction of personalized training apps by RightTech, trainers can now break free from these limitations. By developing their own mobile training app, trainers can help more clients while spending less time in the gym.

Market research conducted by RightTech revealed that many personal trainers were interested in exploring the option of having their own app. However, they often felt intimidated by the technology and lacked the time to learn these tools. Recognizing this need, RightTech has introduced a “Done For You” offer, ensuring that trainers can have the app of their dreams without any technical worries.

RightTech’s personalized training apps are designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of each personal trainer. These apps provide a platform for trainers to showcase their expertise, offer personalized training programs, track client progress, and provide valuable resources such as nutrition plans and workout videos. With these apps, trainers can now extend their services beyond the confines of the gym, reaching clients anytime and anywhere.

“We understand the challenges faced by personal trainers in expanding their client base while managing their time effectively,” said Charles Nicolson, Co-Founder of RightTech. “Our personalized training apps empower trainers to leverage technology and maximize their reach, ultimately helping them grow their business and achieve greater success.”

RightTech’s team of experienced developers, copywriters, and designers work closely with each trainer to create a personalized app that aligns with their brand and vision. From app design and development to ongoing maintenance and updates, RightTech provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

Cost was another critical factor revealed by market research, with Personal Trainers reporting quotes of anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000+ to have an app developed for them. Taking this into account, RightTech has developed a low-cost model allowing a training app to be accessible to a wide range of trainer’s budgets.

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