May 29, 2024

Witly Releases Next Revolution in Real Estate, Empowers Agents: Get Paid to Generate Leads

Rogers, AR , September 16, 2023 ( – In recent years, the dynamics of the real estate industry have shifted dramatically, with large corporations increasingly taking more commissions from hardworking real estate agents. Witly believes that the real estate agent must come first and they shouldn’t be required to give up such large chunks of their commission to get new customers. Therefore, Witly is ushering in a new era where the agent is rightfully recognized, supported, and rewarded for their critical role in the real estate transaction.

Today, Witly is excited to release a game-changing strategic approach that completely alters the way agents think about generating leads. Witly’s pioneering concept allows real estate agents to Get Paid to Generate Leads. This revolutionary shift not only ensures that agents are rewarded for their hard work and expertise but also alleviates the stresses often associated with lead quality, conversion, and costs.

Witly is fundamentally changing the landscape with lead generation. We’ve seen how external pressures and the growing ad bills have been weighing agents down. Our unique concept ensures that agents no longer have to bear these burdens. Instead, they’re incentivized to generate leads, and they can use our proprietary and patent-pending technology to offset their advertising costs, enabling them to focus on what they do best: connecting individuals to their dream homes,” said Witly Founder, Grant Wise.

While other companies are diluting the real estate agent’s value and commission, Witly’s model proudly champions their significance. Real estate agents now have a powerful ally in their corner, helping them break free from the constant ad bills and pave the way for substantial business growth. Unfortunately, real estate agents have to endure a long sales cycle. That means that agents have to invest large sums of money for months and months before they see an ROI if they ever do. In 2022 alone, real estate agents invested roughly $122M to generate leads, according to Inman News. With Witly, agents will be able to get a return on that investment in the very same month.

As Witly ushers in this new era, they invite real estate agents everywhere to join the Witly revolution – where your efforts are appreciated, your skills are rewarded, and your business thrives like never before.

For more information about Witly’s innovative approach and how it’s about to revolutionize the real estate industry, please visit their website at and become one of the first in the industry to Get Paid to Generate Leads.

About Witly:

Witly is an innovative technology company in the real estate space dedicated to putting real estate agents first. With a commitment to excellence and transformative solutions, Witly is setting new standards in the industry, ensuring that agents are recognized, empowered, and compensated for their invaluable contributions.

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Grant Wise