May 29, 2024

#1 Best-selling book ‘Real Estate Secrets’ teaches Realtors how to get 1-3 new deals a month, in ANY market.

Austin, TX, September 2, 2023 ( – Jordan and Melanie Suber, renowned real estate experts and authors, are excited to announce the re-release of their best-selling book, “Real Estate Secrets.”

This updated edition now includes an additional 71 pages and two bonus chapters, specifically designed to provide invaluable guidance and support to agents facing challenges in the current market.

The real estate industry has experienced unprecedented shifts and uncertainties in recent times, making it increasingly difficult for agents to navigate their way to success. Recognizing the need for comprehensive resources to assist struggling agents, Jordan and Melanie Suber have expanded their acclaimed book, “Real Estate Secrets,” to equip professionals with the knowledge and strategies required to thrive in this challenging environment.

The newly added 71 pages delve deeper into the intricacies of the real estate market, offering practical advice and proven techniques to overcome obstacles and achieve exceptional results. These additional insights cover a wide range of topics, including effective lead generation, negotiation tactics, digital marketing strategies, and innovative approaches to closing deals.

Furthermore, the two bonus chapters provide agents with exclusive access to insider tips and industry secrets that have propelled the Subers to their own remarkable success. Drawing from their extensive experience and expertise, Jordan and Melanie Suber share invaluable insights on building a strong personal brand, establishing a robust network, and leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge.

“We understand the challenges that real estate agents face in today’s market, and we wanted to provide them with the tools they need to thrive,” said Jordan Suber, co-author of “Real Estate Secrets.” “We’re giving away our book for free because we want to empower all agents with everything they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.”

Melanie Suber, co-author of “Real Estate Secrets,” added, “Our book is a no-nonsense guide for Realtors looking to close more deals. With the additional pages and bonus chapters, we are confident that agents will find the information they need to excel in their careers, even in this market.”

“Real Estate Secrets” has already garnered widespread acclaim for its practical advice and actionable insights. The expanded edition is expected to further solidify its position as a must-have resource for real estate professionals seeking to enhance their skills and achieve long-term success.

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About Jordan and Melanie Suber:
Jordan and Melanie Suber are highly respected real estate experts, authors, and speakers. They are top 90 influencers at their brokerage and have coached thousands of agents on everything from lead generation to mindset to negotiation and sales. They’re on a mission to help 100,000 Realtors build 6-7 figure businesses. Through their book, “Real Estate Secrets,” they aim to share their knowledge and empower agents to overcome challenges and thrive in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.