May 29, 2024

Rev up your skills with ProRider OKC’s advanced motorcycle training classes!

Shawnee, OK, August 19, 2023 ( – ProRider OKC is thrilled to announce the opening of their advanced motorcycle training classes. Designed for experienced riders who want to take their skills to the next level, ProRider OKC offers a unique training experience that is guaranteed to improve riding ability and confidence.

ProRider OKC’s advanced motorcycle training classes are unlike any other in the area. Taught by Ethan Hale and others who have successfully completed police motor school, these classes teach the same training exercises used by police motor officers and motorcycle rodeo competitors. Participants will learn tried and true riding techniques that are essential for safe and confident riding.

The classes cover a range of skills and maneuvers, including low-speed maneuvers, confined space turns, crash avoidance, and various braking challenges. These exercises are designed to enhance riders’ abilities to handle real-life riding situations with ease and precision.

“We are excited to bring this unique training opportunity to the motorcycle community in OKC,” said Ethan Hale, of ProRider OKC. “Our classes are not only informative and educational, but also a lot of fun. We believe that by improving riders’ skills, we can contribute to a safer riding environment for everyone.”

ProRider OKC’s advanced motorcycle training classes are open to experienced riders who are looking to enhance their riding skills and increase their confidence on the road. Whether you ride for pleasure or as a means of transportation, these classes are a must-attend for anyone who wants to take their riding abilities to the next level.

To learn more about ProRider OKC’s advanced motorcycle training classes and to register for an upcoming class, visit their website at

About ProRider OKC:
ProRider OKC is a leading provider of advanced motorcycle training classes in OKC. Classes are taught by Ethan Hale, police motor officers, and civilians who have successfully completed police motor school. ProRider OKC’s mission is to improve riders’ skills and confidence on the road through comprehensive and hands-on training.

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