May 29, 2024

Chris Wyatt Advocates Secure & Private Enterprise AI Solutions; Boosts Productivity by 36%

Nationwide, August 1, 2023 ( – Chris Wyatt, a figure in the technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) realm, has voiced his firm belief in the need for enterprises to engage their teams in robust AI discussions. While Wyatt recognizes the potential of open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, he underlines the importance of adopting a more secure and customized AI approach tailored to individual businesses.

Tailored Private AI – The Need of the Hour

According to Wyatt, there is an emergent necessity for companies to foster environments where AI is not just tolerated but actively embraced. He recommends the development and deployment of private LLMs, which are molded to cater specifically to a company’s unique requirements.

Wyatt argues that a custom-made LLM will provide a secure platform for employees to augment their work efficiency, promoting harmony between humans and AI. His assertion relies on the belief that a one-size-fits-all approach, often implied by the use of open-source AI models, falls short of addressing the unique AI needs of different enterprises.

Potential Efficiency Gains and Increased Security

The implications of Wyatt’s AI approach are profound. Studies have suggested that incorporating custom-made LLMs into the daily operations of a company can enhance team efficiency by an impressive 36%.

Furthermore, by shifting from open-source to private LLMs, companies can implement more stringent control over data privacy. This allows them to ensure the secure processing of proprietary information, thus providing an enhanced level of assurance to their clients and stakeholders.

To assist businesses in this transition, Wyatt points to, which is pioneering the way enterprises should be thinking about AI and can provide solutions for private LLMs. serves as a reliable firm to navigate through the complexities of implementing AI systems while maintaining a firm focus on security, efficiency, and customization. More information on Private LLMs can be found at

In Summary

Chris Wyatt’s call to action has drawn attention to a critical aspect of AI implementation in enterprises – the necessity of a secure and customized approach. He concludes that an appropriate balance between AI adoption and security will unlock unprecedented efficiency gains for businesses.

As businesses venture deeper into the digital age, Wyatt’s assertion provides a solid direction for enterprises worldwide. His advocacy for private LLMs signals a significant shift in how businesses can effectively integrate AI into their operations, promising not only enhanced security but also impressive gains in productivity.

For more details on private LLMs and to understand how they can cater to your unique business needs, contact Chris.

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