May 29, 2024

Give Me One Body Double Espresso Shot to Go

In a humorous tale that seems more suited to a Hollywood comedy than the daily grind of law enforcement, a policeman in Plano, Texas, accidentally arrested the wrong person due to a striking case of mistaken identity.

Officer Ben Jacobs, a 10-year veteran of the Plano Police Department, was pursuing a known fugitive named Daniel Sullivan. Sullivan, wanted on multiple counts of fraud, was said to be hiding in the city. Acting on an anonymous tip, Jacobs was on high alert for Sullivan at a local coffee shop last Tuesday.

When Jacobs spotted a man who was the spitting image of Sullivan, he didn’t hesitate. He approached the man, handcuffed him, and read him his Miranda rights – all while the “suspect” was in the middle of savoring his morning latte.

The bemused and bewildered man, who identified himself as Ted Murphy, a local school teacher, protested his innocence. Murphy had no prior run-ins with the law, and was out enjoying his day off when he was unceremoniously placed under arrest.

“He looked just like the photo I’d been shown,” explained Officer Jacobs. “Same hairstyle, same glasses. It was an honest mistake, but I understand it must have been a jarring experience for Mr. Murphy.”

Despite the confusion, Murphy took the mix-up in good humor. “It was a bit of a shock, I won’t lie,” he said. “One minute I’m deciding if I want another espresso shot, and the next, I’ve got handcuffs on. I always knew I had a common face, but I didn’t expect it to get me arrested!”

After a brief check at the station, Murphy’s identity was confirmed and he was released. The Plano Police Department issued an official apology for the mistake and presented Murphy with a gift card for his favorite coffee shop.

As for the real Daniel Sullivan? The bungled arrest turned out to have a silver lining. In the midst of all the amusement, Sullivan was located and apprehended without incident in another part of town.

“Guess I have my doppelganger to thank for distracting the police,” Sullivan later joked to reporters.

Officer Jacobs is now back on patrol, a little wiser and with a better understanding of the importance of distinguishing features. The Plano Police Department, however, will undoubtedly be a source of light-hearted ribbing among local law enforcement for a while.

When asked about the incident, Murphy simply laughed and said, “I guess I’ll stick to drive-through coffee for a while. And maybe change my hairstyle!”

Photo Credit: Envato Elements