May 25, 2024

Anime Wanted Dead or Alive

A woman in Houston, Texas, went viral after she mistook a cartoon character for a wanted criminal. The woman was at a local Walmart when she spotted a “wanted” poster of an anime cartoon character.

Believing it to be a real person, the woman immediately contacted the police and even offered to pay the $5,000 reward for his capture. The police department eventually had to clarify that the poster was not real and thanked the woman for her “keen observation skills.”

The incident quickly went viral, with many people finding the woman’s mistake to be hilarious. She even appeared on several talk shows to share her story and poke fun at herself for the error.

In the end, the woman became a bit of a celebrity and even gained the nickname “Yu-Gi-Oh Lady” among her friends and family. While the incident may have been embarrassing for her at the time, it has since become a lighthearted and funny memory for all involved.

Photo Credit: Wal-Mart