December 8, 2023

DynaRoof Revolutionizes Roofing Industry with Bio-Science Innovation

Industry Innovator DynaRoof Uses Cutting Edge Bio-Science to Prolong the Life of Asphalt Shingled Roofs

Nationwide, October 6, 2023 ( – DynaRoof, a nationwide network of new-breed roofing restoration experts, is revolutionizing the roofing industry with its cutting-edge bio-science innovation. By utilizing eco-friendly plant-based sustainable technology, DynaRoof is helping property owners delay costly roof replacements by up to 15 years, saving them a reported 75%-85%.

With the fear of failing roofs and frustration over worthless warranties, homeowners across the United States have been searching for a new way to save their roofs and their money. DynaRoof, available at, offers an alternative to traditional roof replacement that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

“In a nutshell, DynaRoof is a shingle rejuvenator,” explains Christopher Kennedy, CEO and founder of DynaRoof. “It extends the life of asphalt roofs by five years per treatment. By repeating the process every five years, property owners can extend a roof’s life by as much as 15 years for around 15-25% of the cost of a complete replacement.”

The process involves spraying an organic liquid compound onto aging asphalt shingled roofs. This plant-based oil quickly penetrates the roof shingles, replacing the petroleum oil that is lost over time and preventing them from cracking and leaking. The innovative technology developed by DynaRoof has already saved property owners thousands of dollars with each roof rejuvenation.

Christopher Kennedy, after studying the roofing industry and the asphalt maintenance industry, noticed a rapid increase in premature asphalt shingle roof failures. Inspired by the success of prolonging the life of roads through asphalt maintenance, Kennedy decided to innovate and research alternatives to costly traditional roof replacement.

Through extensive research and development, Kennedy collaborated with an independent lab of chemists to find a way to preserve and extend the life of asphalt roofs. The result is DynaRoof, a game-changing solution that has never been seen before in the roofing industry.

“Until now, there has never been a way to maintain or extend the life of an asphalt roof,” says Christopher Kennedy.

DynaRoof is now available nationwide, offering property owners a cost-effective and sustainable solution to their roofing needs. With its bio-science innovation, DynaRoof is transforming the roofing industry and providing homeowners with peace of mind and significant cost savings.

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About DynaRoof:
DynaRoof is a nationwide network of roofing restoration experts that utilizes cutting-edge bio-science technology to prolong the life of asphalt shingled roofs. By offering an alternative to traditional roof replacement, DynaRoof helps property owners save money and reduce their environmental impact. With its eco-friendly plant-based sustainable technology, DynaRoof is revolutionizing the roofing industry and providing homeowners with a cost-effective solution to their roofing needs.

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