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    Baby Elephants Fend Off Myanmar Cold Spell With Homemade Blankets

    When a group of baby elephants needed warmth during a cold front in Southeast Asia last week, they bundled up in donated crochet...

    4 year-old LaGrange girl shot in head

    (Source: WGCL) LAGRANGE, GA (CBS46) - A 4 year-old LaGrange...

    DWI suspect drives into lake to avoid police

    The suspect also attempted to swim away once he got out of his car in Arlington, Texas. Source link

    Pentagon: No survivors in American helicopter crash in Iraq

    The Pentagon says all seven service members aboard a U.S. helicopter that crashed in Iraq were killed. Source link

    Lucky Australian diver paddles five miles to shore with a tiger shark following him

    It's a situation no ocean swimmer wants to find themselves in.John Craig was free diving off the coast of Shark Bay in Western...

    Trump just started a trade war, all right — with his own party

    From the moment Republicans made President Trump their party nominee, they knew this day would probably come: an intraparty battle over trade,...

    Citizenship, Louisiana, North Korea: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing

    William D. Strampel “used his office to harass, discriminate, demean, sexually proposition and sexually assault...

    ‘Keep coming at me guys!!!’: Donald Trump Jr. meets Russia scrutiny with defiance

    President Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. communicated with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. Here's what the messages say....

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