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    Teenager Threatened to Murder Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, U.S. Says

    A 19-year-old Maryland man has been indicted on charges that he threatened to murder two high-profile liberal senators — Bernie Sanders of Vermont...

    Bernard Lewis, Influential Scholar of Islam, Is Dead at 101

    “One had to get to the heart of the matter in the Middle East,” he said.‘Clash of Civilizations’Mr. Lewis had long propounded his...

    Left vs. Left: Richard Cordray and Dennis Kucinich Battle for Governor of Ohio

    “Hey, Superman,” Mr. Kucinich said.Photo ...

    ‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018

    Outrage over rising inequality has simmered for years, erupting into the Occupy Wall Street movement...

    Bernie Sanders Courts Black Voters Anew. But an Obama Reference Stings.

    So the senator from Vermont — a state where the largest city has but one...

    Samantha Bee Celebrates Conor Lamb’s Win in Pennsylvania

    Jimmy Kimmel Orders From Trumpstore.com Video by Jimmy Kimmel Live!Like Bee,...

    The Cells That Eat, Regurgitate and Eat Your Tattoos Again

    The science behind your emblazoned anchor, sparrow or world map of places you’ve traveled has...

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