Rental car returned with guns, drugs, ski masks in trunk


SMYRNA, Ga. – Police found what they’re calling a “robbery kit” in the trunk of a rental car that someone returned. 

Employees at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Smyrna were cleaning a car someone had brought back and found two 9 mm handguns, an airsoft pistol with a silencer, two black ski masks, several rolls of duct tape and drugs. 

Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes was in Smyrna, where she learned that the renter has a lengthy criminal history. 

We are not naming the suspect because the police haven’t charged him with anything. Police told Fernandes they are investigating and want to make sure the person whose name is on the rental agreement is the same person who rented the car. 


Fernandes also talked to officials at Enterprise, who said they were shocked to discover what was in the car. They say they immediately called police to collect everything as evidence. 

The find makes some Smyrna residents nervous. 

“That’s scary. That’s scary. You’re almost thinking, like, what did they do? And to who?” Sheila Kirk said. “Careless. If you’re going to do something it’s kind of weird, isn’t it?”

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