ELECTION DAY 2018: Cobb voter shows up to poll, worker tells him that he had already voted


A voter in Cobb County contacted Channel 2 Action News after he waited an hour in line only to be told he already voted.

Michael Whitten told Channel 2’s Lori Wilson that he wasn’t the only voter affected at the location.

“(She) hands me my yellow card. I take my card two steps and she says ‘Wait, Mr. Whitten. You’ve already voted,’’ he told Wilson.

The poll worker looked up Whitten’s name on an electronic voter system and told Whitten that he had voted several days earlier. Wilson was shocked and said he would have remembered if he had voted.

“I said ‘OK, can you give me any more details?’ She says ‘I actually can’t,’” Whitten said. 

Whitten cast a provisional ballot and was told the county had up to three days to resolve the issue.

“It makes you feel like, ‘Wow, was it even worth my time? Why would I even do this again in the future?’”


Channel 2 Action News reached out to the Secretary of State’s Office, which said these sort of issues would need to be resolved at the county level. 

Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler told Wilson that she believes it was a training issue that caused the worker to believe Whitten had already voted. 

She said once workers create that yellow voting card, it says you have voted, but the worker was confused.

An investigator has been assigned to the issue, but Eveler confirmed to Wilson that Whitten’s provisional ballot will count. 

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