This is the 11-year-old Georgia girl killed from Hurricane Michael


SEMINOLE COUNTY, Ga. – The family of an 11-year-old Georgia girl killed in Hurricane Michael is trying to do right by her, but is facing tough odds.

Sarah Radney died, according to authorities, after debris from a carport crashed into the home where she was staying in Seminole County. As of Thursday night, she was the state’s lone reported death attributed to Michael.

Our partners with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and learned that Sarah Radney’s loved ones have started an online fundraising effort to help pay for her funeral. Kim Hendrix, the child’s aunt, who moved from South Georgia to Mississippi a couple of years ago, started the GoFundMe account.

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The accident, which happened in the midst of the storm, left Sarah injured and out of reach of rescuers for several hours. Her father, who was in Thomasville with his other children, ached to rush to her side, but others stopped him for his own safety.

We’re hearing from the little girl’s heartbroken father, on Channel 2 Action News This Morning

Information from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was used in this report

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