Florida couple rides out Michael: ‘This is the land that has been in our family for 5 generations’


After every hurricane, the question always comes up about why people choose to stay rather than evacuate.

For some, especially Floridians, hurricanes are a way of life and in some cases, there is too much at stake to leave.

Imagine being family on the other end of that praying your loved ones to make it out alive.

University of Alabama Professor Dr. Lamar Wilson came to Atlanta hoping to find help for his family.

“I called my mother and father and tried to persuade them to leave and go to safety,” he said. “I knew they weren’t gonna leave.”

“This morning I woke up not knowing what happened to my family, not knowing whether they were safe or not and just frantic.”

Wilson’ parents, In their 70s, weathered the storm. They were compelled to stay to protect the family land.

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Annell and Leroy Wilson Jr.

“This is the land that has been in our family for five generations,” Wilson explained. “This is the land my grandmother took care of for all of her 106 years.”

The land was bought in the late 1800s. It started as five acres but has since multiplied dozens of times over.

“I don’t think they anticipated what was to come,” he said.

After hours of anxious wondering, Wilson received the call confirming what he’d prayed for – his family was fine.

It’s still a long road ahead. There are about 15 family members at the home Wilson grew up in with his parents. Roads are not passable and the power could be out for at least two weeks.

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