High school: Announcing Friday’s winner of the #Team11 Game Of The Week


This week’s winner for the #Team11 Game Of The Week will be … St. Francis at Pinecrest Academy.


We were pleased to see yet another robust week of online votes for this week’s broadcast, with St. Francis-Pinecrest and Grady-North Springs essentially battling for five days—back and forth, with no sustained letup during this period.

As a result, more than 103,000 votes were counted.

However, in the end, St. Francis and Pincecrest had enough closing power, accounting for nearly 48 percent of the votes.

As part of the #Team11/Game Of The Week package:

a) There will be a LIVE stream of the game on 11Alive.com (Friday at 7:30 p.m. EST).

b) Our team of intrepid reporters and photographers will be on-site to capture all the Friday happenings, including a post-game session with the winning team.

c) The Pinecrest vs. St. Francis matchup will be prominently featured in the ‘Team11 Wrap Show,’ airing at 11:15 p.m. EST on Friday.

The second-place matchup, Grady @ North Springs (40.2 percent of the vote), will also garner special treatment Friday night, in terms of coverage for the #Team11 Wrap Show.

The other weekly matchup candidates included:

**Woodstock @ Cherokee

**Marietta @ McEachern

**North Oconee @ St. Pius X

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