Report: Atlanta Braves’ Ronald Acuna Jr. has socks with Ozzie Albies’ likeness


By all accounts, Atlanta Braves teammates Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies are best friends, almost inseparable besties when hanging out in the locker room or spending time away from the ballpark.

And yet, the following nugget still has a Wow factor upon hearing it for the first time.

According to, Acuna wore socks bearing the likeness of Ablies before Game 1 of the National League Divisional Series, with the Dodgers eventually blanking the Braves, 6-0.

MLB could not confirm if Albies conversely owns a pair of Acuna-branded socks, or if Ozzie also donned a pair during Atlanta’s defeat Thursday.

That said, if Acuna had the capital idea of creating Albies-branded socks … doesn’t it stand to reason Albies has Acuna-inspired socks tucked away in his own dresser drawer?

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