Police: Recent carjackings, shooting near Atlanta University Center not connected


ATLANTA — After three carjackings and a shooting near the Atlanta University Center within a week, police officials said Thursday they don’t believe the cases are connected.

In a statement, the Atlanta Police Department stated they “can confidently say today we do not believe any of these four incidents are related, or being committed by the same individuals.”

Out of the four cases, the victims in two crimes involved Morehouse College students. One of the crimes involved a Clark Atlanta University student.

“We have developed promising leads in at least one of the cases, and anticipate making an arrest soon. Investigators continue to diligently pursue leads in the remaining cases,” said Carlos Campos, of APD. “We also want to take the time to reiterate that our investigators believe the incident on Lucile Avenue involving the shooting of a Clark Atlanta student was not a random incident. We believe she was specifically targeted by the shooter, though we are not prepared at this time to disclose the motive.”

Police: Details not adding up after Clark Atlanta student is shot near campus

A shooter injured a CAU student on Sept. 25. She was shot in her car at the intersection of Lawton Street and Lucile Avenue. The victim told police she was headed to pick up her boyfriend when a woman shot her. She crashed in front of a church around midnight.

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A Morehouse student’s late-night study session ended with him losing his car to thieves as he returned to his apartment Sept. 27. The victim told police two men approached him with a gun and demanded his keys, phone, and wallet. They took his car and left the scene.

Crooks targeted another Morehouse student October 2. The victim sat inside of his vehicle in a gated complex on Founders Drive, just a few blocks away from AUC. A man allegedly approached his driver-side window, asked him if he wanted to buy drugs, and pointed a gun at him.The robber told him to get of the car and left in the student’s vehicle.

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Carjackers most recently targeted a Lyft driver near Morehouse College.

Police said the incident happened around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3 at the intersection of Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard and Cunningham Place.The victim had just dropped someone off and took a break when three men came up to his car armed with a handgun and crowbar demanding his car and wallet.

“I really wanted to fight back but the dude had the gun so close to my face I didn’t want to get shot,” the victim said.

‘I didn’t want to get shot’: Lyft driver carjacked by three men near Morehouse College

“Please know the Department is committed to ensuring a safe environment for students, residents and others in the Atlanta University Center area,” the APD statement reads. “We have devoted additional resources to the area in an effort to immediately stem these crimes, and are working closely with our law enforcement partners on campus.”

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