‘You punish yourself as a parent’: Dad of slain Georgia Tech student opens up about Scout’s death


ATLANTA — The father of the Georgia Tech student killed a year ago by an officer on campus wants more to be done in schools across the state.

Officers came to the scene where they said the student was holding a knife. Authorities said they gave Schultz several orders to drop the weapon, but he didn’t comply.

A campus officer shot the student after Schultz allegedly advanced at officers. Schultz died at the hospital.

Some students believe not enough has been done as a response to the shooting.

However, school officials said they have more resources on campus now, including an LGBTQIA Resource Center. The program “Path Forward” was also launched in response to the incident.

1 year later: Some Georgia Tech students say not enough done after Scout Schultz killed by officer

Schultz’s family agreed that more could be done, but not just at Georgia Tech, at other universities as well.

“I am happy they’ve responded. There’s always more they could do,” Bill Schultz said. “Also the changes that have been made, why is it just Georgia Tech? The University System of Georgia manages dozens of universities around the state.”

He said there’s a huge chunk of the family that’s missing and it’s been a difficult year.

“Scout’s sister is hard hit by this situation,” he said. “She’s withdrawn to herself.”

“The world is missing a wonderful human being with Scout not here.”

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He said others close to Scout have also had a difficult time coping with this loss.

He hopes Schultz’s story draws attention to other parents who might have children battling depression or anxiety.

“You need to keep in touch with your kids,” he said. “You need to not assume they are well. See something say something. Try to intervene if they’re headed down a dark path.”

“You punish yourself as a parent when something like this happens,” he said.

When it comes Schultz case, the family is planning to file a civil lawsuit regarding the shooting.

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