Police: Teen babysitters taunted 1-year-old girl with taser



(Meredith) — Three teenage girls in central Arkansas were arrested Monday after taunting a 1-year-old girl they were babysitting with a taser. The three teenage babysitters reportedly laughed while pointing the taser at the baby and activating the device creating a jarring noise. The baby can be seen sobbing in fear and holding her arms up for help.

Officer Brittani Little wrote in a police report, “In the video, you can see and hear the electric prongs on the taser lighting up. The baby is visibly terrified and begins crying and trying to get away. You can hear the person recording laughing and see [a second teen] laughing.”

Another video shows one of the babysitters forcible hitting the child on the head. Captions on the videos include the laughing emoji and one read, “she a bully but I’m dying.”

The mother of the child took her to the hospital for treatment and it was determined the baby was unharmed. All three babysitters have been arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree and taken to Faulkner County Juvenile Detention Center.

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