Health inspector calls Pizza Hut kitchen ‘unsanitary from top to bottom’


UNION CITY, Ga. – Hand washing violations and other issues led to a South Fulton County chain restaurant failing a health inspection.

It is the Pizza Hut on Jonesboro Road in Union City.

On June 19, it got a score of 56.

Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge spoke with one customer who was very surprised by that score because just a year ago the same Pizza Hut got a perfect score of 100.

Tony Jackson told Sbarge that the pizzas have always been good there.

Violations included a food handler eating in the kitchen and then handling food and supplies without washing hands, observed food handler preparing a pizza with bare hands and food items in prep cooler, including sausage and meatballs, not held cold enough.


Sbarge went to the Union City Pizza Hut to find out what led them to such a dramatic drop in their score.

The manager said she could not comment and we are waiting for a response from the corporate office.

The Fulton County health inspector did indicate in the report that due to the low score and the condition of the restaurant, management has to have an intervention meeting with the health department. The inspector wrote that the entire kitchen was unsanitary from top to bottom and from front to back.

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