Argentina’s Lower House Votes to Ease Abortion Laws


Argentine lawmakers on Thursday narrowly approved a bill to legalize elective abortions following a heated and polarized debate over a proposal that would make the country the first major Latin American nation to ease strict antiabortion laws.

After a marathon session that lasted over 22 hours, the Chamber of Deputies voted 129 versus 125 in favor of legislation to allow abortions during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

“This is a great day for all women. Women are proud to be taking this step,” said Silvia Lospennato, a ruling party lawmaker who voted in favor of the bill. “Women are going to fight for equality, whatever it costs.”

The bill will now require approval from the Senate, where the vote is also expected to be tight. President

Mauricio Macri

says he opposes abortion, but wouldn’t veto the legislation if approved in Congress.

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