Grandparent pays for group’s dine-and-dash


(WREG via CNN)(WREG via CNN)

(Meredith/WREG) – Workers at a Tennessee Mexican restaurant didn’t think anything of it when a group of 16 people showed up 30 minutes before closing time on Sunday.

The group ordered some of the most expensive items on the menu from Frida’s, which came to a total of $420. Not only that, but WREG reported that the group was being confrontational with the staff and berated them during the meal.

“They just started getting louder and louder, getting upset, and yelling offenses to the server,” Jesse Gonzalez, the restaurant manager, told WREG.

The group then left the table one at a time and didn’t pay the bill. Gonzalez said he believed the entire outburst was planned so they could avoid paying. He even planned on pressing charges, but after the grandparent of one of the customers paid the bill in full, Gonzalez changed his mind.

Gonzalez said the group went a step further and apologized to the staff.

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