Cell phone video lands 3 high school students in jail



Recording video of everything happening around them and posting it on the internet is a popular pastime amongst high school students, but this time, three teens were arrested for a video they made.

According to a report from the Douglasville Police Department, a freshman girl and a senior boy at Douglas County High School had sex in a bathroom stall inside the gymnasium, while two friends recorded it on their cell phones.

It happened on May 1.

Soon, the video ended up all over the school, with students passing the clip around with the Airdop feature on their iPhones.

While most things kids record end up having no consequences, this time, the students behind the camera received the most serious punishment.

The 18-year-old in front of the camera was arrested for statutory rape, a misdemeanor because the girl is 15-years-old. But his two friends with the phones — both juveniles — were charged with felony eavesdropping. It’s a term that’s usually associated with secret listening, but in this case, it means secret video recording.

If they were slightly older, police may have decided to charge them with manufacturing and distributing child pornography.

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