NEW ROLLER COASTER AT SIX FLAGS: Twisted Cyclone replaces Georgia Cyclone


There’s a new roller coaster coming to Six Flags Over Georgia.

Twisted Cyclone is expected to open Memorial Day weekend. The new ride will feature a classic wooden structure combined with a steel track. That will allow for multiple flips and a smoother ride.

“Our guests are going to be blown away by the unbelievable features of this coaster,” said park president Dale Kaetzel.

Twisted Cyclone includes a steep 75-degree initial drop from nearly 100 feet into a reverse cobra roll sending riders perpendicular to the ground, three upside down inversions along the 2,400 feet of track and the feeling of weightlessness through a 360-degree zero gravity roll.

Guests will ride in custom coaster trains modeled after a classic 1960s sports convertible.

The ride replaces the Georgia Cyclone which closed in July 2017.

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