Feisty mama mockingbird dive-bombing, terrorizing 11Alive employees


We’ve all the had “the talk.” The one about “the birds and the bees.”

Well, it’s spring in Atlanta, and a pair of birds nesting near the 11Alive parking lot did their thing. But the sweet chirps of the hatchlings have been drowned out by the screech of a protective mama bird – with a serious grudge against 11Alive staff!

In the land of Falcons and Hawks, it’s a mockingbird that’s terrorizing 11Alive’s staff.

The bird has nested atop the “employee of the quarter” sign, an honor earned by our Cheryl Preheim. But even that feather in her cap doesn’t guarantee safe passage to the coveted front row parking space.

Mama bird is flipping the bird to almost everyone who nears the love nest!

Feeling peckish and want to grab lunch? Nope!

Trying to sneak out of work early without ruffling feathers? Wrong!

There’s no regard for 11Alive’s pecking order – Morning Rush anchor Shiba Russel and Vinnie Politan, both victims of dive-bombing attacks!

And apparently, it’s personal.

Biologists at the University of Florida say mockingbirds recognize and remember people who the bird perceives as a threat to their nest. It feels like a scene from a Hitchcock Film… but, apparently, it’s just science!

It doesn’t take much for her to fly off the handle, but this mockingbird will never be jailbird because the law is on her side.

It’s a mimus polyglottos – a northern mockingbird protected under federal law.

Without a permit, there’s “nest” to nothing we can do, except watch out, and know mama bird is watching too!

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