Police say Georgia mother crashed vehicle with kids inside to prove ‘God is real’


NORCROSS, GA (WSB) — An Atlanta-area mother is behind bars after authorities say she deliberately crashed her vehicle to prove to her kids in the backseat that God is real.

According to footage from a City of Norcross camera, her SUV went northbound across the southbound lanes of Peachtree Industrial and head-on into the concrete pole.

Inside the vehicle were 25-year-old Bakari Warren and her children, ages 5 and 7.

In the back of a police car, officers gently questioned the children about what had happened.

According to one of the children when asked if their mother was saying anything, “… Also saying blah blah blah, I love God.”

When asked if they think she did it on purpose, the child says, “Yeah because she turned! Her eyes were closed and she was saying blah blah blah I love God.”

Norcross Police say the mother did tell the children to buckle up their seatbelts just before she went across the road.

Warren was frisked and handcuffed right after she got out of her SUV.

Sgt. Ed Butynski said, “When the officers asked the driver of the vehicle what happened, her first statement to the officers was to check her Facebook and it would explain what happened.”

But police say she later gave the same reasons as her kids–to prove that God will protect them.

The mother is charged with two counts of child cruelty and is being held on $22,000  bond.

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