Convicted Bomber set to die by lethal injection, friends of Savannah alderman react


Savannah — (WSAV)

It was one of the most horrific crimes in Savannah’s history.  A pipe bomb exploded inside a building killing civil rights attorney and city alderman Robert Robinson.

Now, 30 years later, the man convicted of the crime is scheduled to be put to death.

Walter Leroy Moody was sentenced to seven life terms, plus 400 years in 1991 after he was convicted of the crime and another bombing in Alabama.  A federal judge was killed.

Moody, whose from Rex, Georgia, has been on death row in Alabama since 1997.  It was December of 1989 when Robinson was working inside his law office.  He opened a package that exploded.  He died hours later.

Robinson, along with former Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson and Floyd Adams, were all good friends back in the early 1980’s and all served on the city council.

Robinson was also a champion of civil rights.  He was an attorney for the Savannah NAACP.

His friends believe that’s why he was targeted.

“Moody was just what I would call an insane racist.  Although I have very mixed feelings about the death penalty, I won’t be sad when he’s executed,” says Otis Johnson, former Savannah Mayor.

Authorities believe Moody also sent two other mail bombs — one to a federal courthouse in Atlanta, and also to an NAACP office in Jacksonville, FL.

They were intercepted and defused.

Moody is scheduled to be executed April 21.

Savannah named a park and a parking garage to honor Robinson.

His sister also started a scholarship fund in his memory.






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