ON YOUR SIDE: Mother reaches out after para-transit service fails to assist her disabled son


SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — A Savannah mother reached out to news 3 worried about the treatment her disabled son is receiving by Chatham Area Transit’s paratransit services.

Sandra Franklin calls it neglect and after months of trying to correct it she says nothing’s changed. She is “disappointed, angry, because he can’t do it for himself and I don’t have the transportation to assist him to get him back and forth to church.”

Her son who has multiple sclerosis uses a motorized wheelchair to get around. In April 2017 he was approved for “all conditional eligibility” meaning he would need to use these services.

Franklin says, “we’ve been having problem ever since last year with him with the workers putting him on and off the bus.” The neglect first began in October 2017.

“First it was the young lady didn’t want to put him on and off the bus and I just don’t understand why,” Franklin said.

But now she says they’ve failed to pick him up not once but twice. Their company policy says “service is provided from door to door; however, assistance may not be provided beyond that.”

Franklin says she’s reached out to cat — but it hasn’t gotten any better.

News 3 reach out to a C.A.T Media Relations, Shalonda Rountree, she says, ““We are aware of Ms. Franklin’s concerns and both our Chief Operating Officer as well as our new ADA/Paratransit Manger have spoken with and are currently working with Ms. Franklin in order to address her issues,”

Franklin says her only hope is for her son to go to church. “Because if he can’t go to church I can’t go to church. Cause I don’t want to leave him for too long a period of time by himself because anything can happen,’ Franklin said.

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