House Speaker Ryan talks tariffs, tax reform during Atlanta visit


Paul Ryan at The Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta (WXIA)

ATLANTA (WXIA) — House Speaker Paul Ryan held a town hall at The Home Depot headquarters on Thursday.

When asked about President Trump’s tariff plan, Ryan said he believes the most effective way to address unfair trade is targeting specific practices.

He said he’s “working on persuading the president” about these “surgical” tactics.

“I’m just not a fan of broad-based, across the board tariffs because I think you’ll have a lot of unintended consequences, you’ll have a lot of collateral damage — not just consumers but businesses,” Ryan said.

He also talked about infrastructure, property rights and tax reform.

“We made it almost impossible for businesses to bring their money back home if they made money overseas and so we set forth to do tax reform and we’re very excited about the outcome of tax reform,” Ryan said, adding, “Because what is now happening in America is precisely what we were hoping would happen in America by passing tax reform.”

Speaker Ryan also added the focus on the NRA after the Florida school shooting and Georgia punishing Delta is “overblown and misguided.”

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