Suspect in deadly high speed crash pleads Guilty


It took more than an hour and a lot of discussion with his family and his lawyer, but Kareem Felder finally decided to plead guilty in Chatham County Court Thursday.

Felder was accused of vehicular homicide and reckless driving in connection with a 2016 accident which left 69 year old Bernitha Vaughn dead.

He walked into court with the plan to plead to those charges, but then seemingly changed his mind once in front of Judge Bass.

The courtroom was cleared and Felder spoke with his parents for nearly 30 minutes. When the Judge came back, he had decided to go to trial instead.

Once again, Felder changed his mind after hearing his previous probation violation would stand, and he would still stay in jail during the trial and beyond. He then told the court he would plead guilty to the charges.

Felder was sentenced to 15 years in prison. he will only serve 10 years, the rest on probation.

Vaughn’s family in court said they believed the entire thing was “in God’s hands”


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