How plant prices may put the squeeze on your next tequila shot


ATLANTA — You may have seen the headlines on Facebook, announcing the price of tequila is on the (sun)rise and a shortage is inevitable.

But is that true? Turns out, not really.

Here’s the situation. According to reports, the price of the blue agave plant, which is used in the tequila-making process, has increased recently. And as that price rises, so will the price of your next tequila drink.

11Alive spoke to Atlanta’s only tequila producer, Goza Tequila, who said while the price of agave is definitely going up, it’s not really going to cause a shortage. Jacob Gluck with the company said the situation has more to do with Tequila’s popularity in recent years and keeping up with the the public’s tastes.

“There’s enough agave to go around,” Gluck said. “The hike in price is due to increased demand, not from the decrease in agave. Now, the industry is relatively young and it’s booming. I view this as more of a growing pain for an industry that’s growing really, really quickly. But the demand is what’s taken the price up.”

Joshua said smaller distilleries may feel the squeeze a bit more in trying to keep up with the prices. But, while the costs go up, it won’t necessarily mean a tequila shortage.

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