Facebook Messenger’s latest update unlocks never-before-seen features for one group of people this Valentine’s Day


Millennials often take flak for not being able to accurately or openly express themselves, especially when it comes to romantic endeavors and relationships.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but it’s undeniable that millennials do in fact have their own ways of communicating with the objects of their affection — however non-traditional as those forms may be. 

Salaries of employees at 25 top tech companies:

But whether you’re young, old or somewhere in the middle, it can pretty much be agreed upon that sometimes the best way to show you care is with nothing other than the perfectly picked out emoji.

Not buying it?

Nearly 2 billion emojis are shared on Facebook messenger every day, with three out of the top five being a kissy face, a heart and a heart-eyed face.

Red — aka the color of all things love — is also the most popular custom chat color in Messenger, while the pink heart emoji is the most popular custom emoji.

Credit: Facebook

This Valentine’s Day, Messenger is capitalizing off of its users’ love for all things heart-eyed by offering a sweet surprise for new couple who are making the ultimate commitment — making their relationship Facebook official!

As of February 14, users who change their relationship status to indicate that they are no longer single will receive a notation from messenger that will open a conversation with their newly linked partner.

From there, a heart shower effect will cover the screen as the text color automatically sets to red and the custom emoji automatically set to a heart-eyed face.

Messenger knows that expressing any form of relationship on Facebook is pretty much the most serious way of expressing one’s love, at least in the digital age.

So if you’re newly coupled up or planning on making it official soon, you might want to make sure you change that correspondingly on your Facebook.


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