3 jobs home sellers overlook – Story


– If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market this Spring, now is the time to start getting it ready. Let’s talk about 3 THINGS THAT SELLERS OFTEN OVERLOOK.  And this can impact your bottom line.

Long-time Decatur realtor Ashley Derrick is well-known for selling meticulous homes. For her, it’s the details that can boost the asking price. So we asked her to reach into her years of experience to help us out.


“When buyers come into homes they’ll clearly see that a dog has scratched this door. And living here you forget about it. But, if I were to sell this house, I’d need to touch this up.  And I’d have to touch up all the scuffs and scratches.”

Little messes look bigger in the eyes of a potential buyer who is going over your home with an eye like a magnifying glass.  Fingerprints. Smudges.  Get rid of them. All of them.


“Number two, people don’t really think about the grate in the floors that really tend to get disgusting.   Remember, you will have your house inspected. And when you have your house inspected, people look in that. Other buyers look in it, and they say, ‘Oh, my god, this is really dirty.’  You’ve got dead bugs in there. If you have pets, you have pet hair in there. Sometimes you have a little toy from a kid in there. You just don’t want all of that stuff in your grate.”

And it doesn’t hurt to paint the metal grates again. That’s as easy as grabbing spray paint and giving it a fresh, clean look.

And finally – the NUMBER 1 thing on realtor Ashley Derrick’s list of often overlooked things to do before you put your house on the market is…..

“The number one thing, and I could say it three times: declutter, declutter, declutter.”

She points to a kitchen sideboard as an example. It’s often filled with knick-knacks which is fine if you’re living in the home, but it’s too junky for would-be buyers.

“We don’t want any of these personal photos are on here. This doesn’t need to be here, small pieces of candy and too many champagne tops don’t need to be here. I always say do what you need to do when I’m with a seller, then let me come in one final time, and inevitably, I need to take out two or three more boxes, at least.  

Here’s something most people do but they get the timing wrong. Clean up the yard. Trim back some bushes, but plant now.  The yard will blossom and look more like it’s always been this way in the by Spring.

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