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HENRY COUNTY, Ga. – The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has released new details explaining exactly what lead to the death of a Locust Grove officer and the injury of two of their deputies on Friday, February 9.

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Sheriff Keith McBrayer spoke with 11Alive’s Kaitlyn Ross to walk her through exactly what happened that tragic afternoon.

“He didn’t believe in our laws, he doesn’t believe in our government and he doesn’t believe that our rules or laws affect him.”

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According to McBrayer, the deputies gave suspect Tierre Guthrie options before things escalated. Guthrie could have either paid a $350 for the illegal parking ticket he received or go to jail for failing to appear in court.

McBrayer says that once deputies called for backup, Guthrie started to put up a fight. He left the front door and ran up the stairs in his home.

Officer Michael Corely, one of the injured deputies, was the first to be shot in his bullet resistant vest while attempting to chase Guthrie up the steps.

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That’s when several shots rang out but the whole incident only lasted a few seconds. Officer Chase Maddox was shot three times, killing him and deputy Ralph Sidwell Callaway was shot just below his bullet resistant vest, seriously injuring him.

“When we went to the house, we did have an arrest warrant from the city system out of Locust Grove. Deputy Corley was assigned the warrant, Deputy Callaway was in the car with him as a backup officer. When they got there and talked to mr. Guthrie, it was very obvious that he was not going to be a participant in this issue. There was a payout amount on the warrant, the judge had assigned a payout, so he could have just paid it, and not had to stay in jail.”

It is still unknown how Guthrie was able to shoot all three officers. That’s still being investigated.

“My impression is he had the gun on his body, he had it somewhere whether it was on his belt of in a pocket, he didn’t go get it, he already had it on him,” McBrayer said.

According to McBrayer, Callaway was recently moved out of the ICU and is recovering. Deputy Corley is doing as well as can be expected.

Maddox was expecting his second child with his wife, who was due any day now. Funeral arrangements have not been revealed at this time,

“Waiting on a baby to be born from the Maddox family, they need to get that part of the process handled. And have a small glimmer of hope for them. Then there will be a funeral in a few days and after that, people can start to heal.”

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