“It’s a hazard.” Liberty County neighborhood asks county for help with potholes


MIDTOWN, GA – People living in one Liberty County neighborhood said they are dodging dozens of potholes on their streets, and no one wants to help fix them.

Residents who live on Main Trail said they’re concerned about the cracks expanding and creating more craters in the roadway. Christy Ray, a homeowner on the street, said it’s a safety concern, especially for nighttime drivers and school buses.

“They dodge them, and then you have half the wheels on the hole, so they’re leaning, and then they have to go around into people’s yards. They can run into a mailbox, a ditch, a house or flip over even, so that’s a big hazard,” said Ray.

Marion Stevens, Sr., Liberty County Commissioner for Dist. 1, said the road is not the county’s responsibility. “If the road is not up to a certain standard, the county cannot take it over, and if it’s not deeded over to the county, we cannot take it over because it’s considered to be private property,” he said.

However, the county also said the owner recently foreclosed the road.

“We’d just appreciate them to fix it, or at least have somebody held accountable. If they’re not accountable, at least tell us who is accountable so they have another avenue to get it fixed,” said Ray.

Neighbors have been filling the holes with rocks as a temporary fix. They said they are hoping for someone to step forward soon and take action.

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