Man chases down thieves after he says they stole a woman’s car


ATLANTA – A man jumped into action when he saw thieves take off after stealing a woman’s car.

The incident happened in a parking lot at a YMCA in southwest Atlanta.

Jackson Faw told Channel 2’s Carl Willis, when he heard a woman with two children scream for help, he punched the start button of his car and chased them down.

“I could see her and just hysterical and then I saw this car flying by me,” he said. “She just asked for help and the only thing I could do was follow.”

Faw said he was in the lot and didn’t even have time to close his hatch before his instincts kicked in. Suddenly, he was in pursuit.



“You hear about people getting their car stolen when they’re not there and that’s one thing but to have somebody basically there, I mean, it was close to a carjacking in my opinion,” Faw said.

He said the thief ran a red light heading northbound on Pryor Road in the stolen black Dodge Durango. Another black SUV followed closely behind with more suspects Faw believes were involved with the theft.

“It’s just unbelievable and sad that young people will get to that point of desperation and have that kind of meanness in their heart,” Faw said.

Faw said he eventually realized his hatch was still open, and decided to stop the pursuit before it became any more dangerous. 

Willis spoke with the victim over the phone who said she’s still shaken up, so much so that she decided not to go through with an on-camera interview.

Faw can understand because he heard the fear in her voice.

“I just feel very sorry for those two little kids and the mother. Just horrible,” he said.

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