Convicted killer running for office in Texas


(Source: CNN)(Source: CNN)
(Source: CNN)(Source: CNN)

(CNN/Meredith) – Some people who run for political positions have skeletons in their closet, but there’s a city council candidate in Texas who is taking that to a new level.

“I think I felt like my life was over when I got arrested.”

Lewis Conway Jr. is trying something unprecedented, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, “I think it’s absolutely necessary for folks of my background to begin to own their stories.”

Conway spent eight years in prison, 12 years on parole, after pleading guilty to a voluntary manslaughter charge in the early 1990s.

Conway stabbed a man to death in an East Austin neighborhood. That’s also an area he now wants to represent, City Council District 1.

“So, we went to prison in 1992. Ended up doing 2,015 days in prison and 4,012 days on parole.”

But whether he can run and hold office remains unclear. According to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, a convicted felon can only run for office if he or she has been pardoned or “released from resulting disabilities.”

That phrase has prompted a lot of confusion. State officials say they’re not aware of this happening before and therefore another candidate running for the same office would have to challenge his eligibility. 

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