CCSO admits to ‘boo-boo’ after releasing wrong inmate


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) -The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help locating a man who was allowed to walk out the front door but turned out to be the wrong guy.

On Tuesday morning officers were set to release Jose Lopez-Perez, 30, who was in jail for DUI and traffic charges.

Sheriff Johnny Wilcher told News 3 there is a discharge process where officers check date of birth, social security numbers, height, and a special in-house bracelet before releasing an inmate. In the case of Lopez-Perez, Wilcher says, the standard process didn’t happen.

“They just went into the computer and pulled up Perez and they pulled up the wrong one and they went and got him and released him,” Wilcher said calling the mistake a ‘boo-boo.’

Instead officers released Jose Maria Perez, 20, in jail for several charges including rape, aggravated assault, burglary and aggravated sodomy with a minor under the age of ten.

Click the video above for more information on the release.

“We own up to our mistake and we’ll try to correct it. The two officers involved in it’s been suspended for a week without pay and we’ll still looking at where we might go from there,” Wilcher said.

Now CCSO is asking other local agencies and U.S. Marshals for help to locate Perez and bring him back to jail.

If you see Perez you are encouraged to call police immediately. Perez is considered dangerous.

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