Six Flags Over Georgia and Alabama Splash Adventure place friendly wager on National Championship Game

ATLANTA, Ga (WRBL) — The Georgia vs Alabama rivalry makes its way all the way to the theme parks. Six Flags Over Georgia and Alabama Splash Adventure are placing a friendly wager on the National Football Championship Game.

Gene Petriello, Communications Manager for Six Flags Over Georgia, says if the Georgia Bulldawgs win the National Championship, Alabama Splash Adventure will rename its Rampage roller coaster, the Georgia Rampage. 

That’s not all, Petriello says Alabama’s front gate ticket takers will wear Georgia t-shirts on opening weekend, in honor of the Georgia Bulldogs victory.

If Alabama wins the National Championship, Six Flags Over Georgia will rename its Georgia Scorcher roller coaster the Alabama Scorcher. 

Six Flags Over Georgia front ticket takers will also have to wear Alabama t-shirts during opening weekend beginning Saturday March 10th.

May the best team win.


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