In GOP pep talk, Trump says a Democratic Congress would mean ‘radical’ policies


President Trump on Tuesday warned that a Democratic takeover of Congress would lead to “radical” policies, including higher taxes and less-secure borders — and would provide a greater platform for those seeking to impeach him.

Trump’s assessment came during a speech at a fundraising dinner for House Republicans that served as a pep talk for members of his party who are growing increasingly anxious about losing seats in the November midterm elections.

Trump said he plans to travel “all over the country” in coming months to help Republicans tell their story of cutting taxes, reducing regulations and building up the military.

“If Democrats were to gain control of the House, the first thing they would do is raise your taxes,” the president asserted at the National Republican Congressional Committee event in Washington.

Trump also said that if Democrats take over chairmanships of House committees, “they will block every single effort to secure our borders.”

In his remarks, Trump — whose job approval numbers are historically low for this point in a presidency — acknowledged that the party that wins the White House often faces head winds in midterm elections two years later. He blamed that on “complacency.”

Trump also took another shot at Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who has been calling for Trump’s impeachment for what she alleges are ties between his campaign and the Russians and who has needled him for his alleged decade-old dalliance with porn star Stormy Daniels.

“The Democrats think they’re invincible,” Trump said. “I mean I watch this Maxine Waters. You ever see Maxine Waters? A low-IQ individual. Low IQ. ‘We will impeach him. We will impeach him.’ But he hasn’t done anything wrong. ‘It doesn’t matter. We will impeach him.’ … This is what we’re going to have to fight against.”

Trump said voters should not be fooled by Democrats who campaign as moderates, warning that they will fall in line with the agenda of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“They are all Pelosi Democrats — weak on crime, weak on terrorism and weak on national defense,” Trump said. “Democrats like to campaign as moderates, but they always govern as radicals.”

Trump also used his speech to knock Democrat Hillary Clinton, whom he defeated in the 2016 election and who during the campaign called some Trump supporters “deplorables.”

“The truth is the Democrats never have been more vulnerable because they’ve lost touch with normal, everyday working people,” Trump said. “Democrats haven’t learned. They still think the loyal citizens who care about jobs and borders and security are ‘deplorable.’”

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